Outsourced Paraplanner and Contract Paraplanning

For Financial Advisers who want to grow their business, profitability, and client base

Get a dedicated Paraplanner without the financial commitment of a full time employee

We're an outsourced paraplanner and contract paraplanning service based in Australia. We'll fully integrate into your team and adopt your processes.

Outsourced Paraplanner Services


Strategy Papers

Are you looking to find the most appropriate strategy for your Clients? We’ll help you build the strategies and recommendations to be presented within the Statement of Advice (SoA). We’ll work with you to analyse and explore gaps, inconsistencies, and opportunities before the SoA is prepared for the Clients.


Statements of Advice

Is preparing advice documents a time-consuming (and non-billable) task for you? We’ll prepare research-backed simpler SoAs with clear strategies. We’ll ensure that the language used and the amount of detailed information provided will be tailored to the Clients’ level of understanding of finance and investment.


XPLAN Data Entry

Looking for a more efficient way of entering Clients’ data on XPLAN? Avoid the hassle and achieve significant cost savings and quick turnaround. Outsource the data entry to us and get your time back.

6 good reasons

Why You Should Choose Eloquent Paraplanning

We're local

All staff are based in Australia

Easy Delivery

SoAs completed remotely and delivered online


17+ years of financial planning industry experience

On Demand

Only pay for what you need, when you need it

SoAs in just 1 week

We deliver within 7 business days

Fully Insured

Professional Indemnity cover in place

Benefits of using an Outsourced Paraplanner


Effective outsourcing will allow you to focus on your core activities

Access to skills

You will have access to professional skills at a fraction of the cost of employing a staff member


Your business operations will be streamlined by not having access to services without the hassle of setting up a new workspace

Client Service

You will have a dedicated paraplanner without the commitment of a full-time staff and will help deliver improved client service


You can use the service as much or as little as you want

cost savings

Lower financial commitment compared to employing in-house staff

Client Testimonials

"It is an efficient and effective service as you have invested in technology and understood XPLAN. The cost saving in relation to not having paraplanning staff sitting in an office when your business is a smaller size enables me to do more face to face work with clients, which, is my preferred work. [Eloquent] gives me a second set of eyes to look at my strategies and to bounce something off."
Grant Arnold
Financial Planning Principal, PAM Financial Advisors, Sutherland NSW
"Our experience with Eloquent has been really positive. The turnaround times quoted following the submission of our requests have always been met. This is reassuring from the viewpoint of booking appointments which then has a flow-on effect of consistency of income to the Practice. I can happily recommend Eloquent and feel sure you will have great outcomes, as we have."
Luke Provis
Financial Planning Principal, Future First Financial Planning, Frankston VIC

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