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Grow your business, profitability, and client-base with done-for-you paraplanning by Eloquent.

→ Your own dedicated Paraplanner

→ Rapid onboarding

→ SoAs delivered in just 1 week

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Your Statements of Advice in JUST ONE WEEK

Established in 2012, Eloquent is an Australian-owned-and-operated Paraplanning business, based on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

We specialise in XPLAN software and serve Financial Planners, nation-wide.

We make it fast and easy to get clear, concise and effective Statements of Advice (formerly known as Financial Plans), written by seasoned paraplanners, within 5-7 business days.

Our simple 3-step onboarding system allows you to get set up within 24 hours.

So, if you don’t want to employ an in-house paraplanner, or you’re unable to recruit a suitable candidate, or just need to cover for holidays and busy periods, then we can help.

Request a call back today and we’ll call you on the day and time you choose.

Outsourced Paraplanning Service in Australia
Outsourced Paraplanning Service in Australia
Outsourced Paraplanning Service in Australia

Paraplanners support Financial Advisers to provide more advice

Using an Outsourced Paraplanner has never been easier.

When you work with us, you’re investing in hand-picked, experienced Paraplanners.

We’ll take care of the data entry, projections, and Statements of Advice for you. 

You run your business. We’ll handle your paraplanning.

If you need an expert Paraplanner, request a call back today and we can be starting in your business next week.

Nothing feels worse than falling behind

Your financial planning practice needs clear, concise and effective Statements of Advice, easily understood by your clients and meet ASIC’s standards.

This needs research, strategy planning, projections, and then an SoA to put it all together. That’s what a Paraplanner does.

You can’t be the Paraplanner and Financial Adviser too.

As a business owner, writing SoAs has the lowest return-on-investment. It prevents you from investing your most crucial resources—your time and energy—is developing financial strategies and nurturing client relationships.

Outsourced Paraplanning shouldn't be hit and miss

And that’s what you’ll get if you hire a freelancer or a paraplanning mill. 

Not to mention the time and money it takes to recruit, train, and manage your own paraplanners. It’s busy work you don’t have time for.

Your business is growing but you're not ready to hire

What can you do? Hiring a full-time paraplanner is too much of a commitment.

Plus, you’ve been in the industry long enough to know that data entry, financial projections and writing SoAs yourself isn’t sustainable.

Preparing advice documents is vital to your business so it’s important you find an effective way to manage your advice preparation.

So, how can you serve your clients, grow your business and make things happen when you have all that paraplanning work to do?

You don’t have to. Because we have professional outsourced paraplanners ready to help.

Here's What We Do

Our outsourced paraplanners understand the unique challenges and urgency of paraplanning, and we support your business with solid systems and processes.

Outsourced Paraplanning Service in Australia

Strategy Papers

We'll work with you to analyse and explore gaps, inconsistencies, and opportunities to reach optimum strategies.

Outsourced Paraplanning Service in Australia

Statements of Advice

We'll prepare research-backed, concise and personal SoAs in plain English in line with your preferred structure and format.

XPLAN Data Entry

We'll take care of the data input so you can spend more time on income-generating activities and less time on administration.

Here's How it Works

1. Request a Call Back

Request a free consultation call to talk about your paraplanning needs. We will call on the day and time you choose.

2. Sign our Service Agreements

The Agreements detail the scope of our services, confidentiality, timelines, and payment schedules.

3. We'll Get To Work

We can handle the entire process from data entry, research, financial modelling, to writing the SoA, week in, week out.

Why Financial Advisers come to us

We're Local

All staff are based in Australia


Pay for what you need, when you need it

We're Fully Insured

Professional Indemnity cover for your peace of mind


Delivery within 7 business days


17+ years in the financial planning industry

Easy delivery

All SoAs are completed remotely

Client Reviews

“Our experience with Eloquent has been really positive. The turnaround times quoted following the submission of our requests have always been met. This is reassuring from the viewpoint of booking appointments which then has a flow-on effect of consistency of income to the Practice. I can happily recommend Eloquent and feel sure you will have great outcomes, as we have.”
L. Provis, Director, Future First Financial Planning, Frankston VIC
Principal Financial Planner
“It is an efficient and effective service as you have invested in technology and understood XPLAN. The cost saving in relation to not having paraplanning staff sitting in an office when your business is a smaller size enables me to do more face to face work with clients, which, is my preferred work. [Eloquent] gives me a second set of eyes to look at my strategies and to bounce something off.”
G. Arnold, Director, PAM Financial Advisors, Suherland NSW
Principal Financial Planner
“As a business owner, low cost, high quality SoAs are important. Donna and her team have been able to produce documents that both engaging for our clients while meeting the legislative requirements. This allows us to do what we do best; provide advice and service our clients.”
L. Ranson, Director, Applied Wealth Solutions, North Sydney NSW
Principal Financial Planner

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Outsourced Paraplanner?

An Outsourced Paraplanner helps with the administrative and compliance duties of a Financial Adviser; from research to projections to writing SoAs.

How much do you charge per hour?

We do not charge on a per hour basis. We charge per plan. Each Paraplanning Request is is reviewed individually and priced according to our Fee Schedule. 

Who will complete the Paraplanning work?

We do. Each Financial Adviser will be paired with the most suitable paraplanner whom will complete the request from start to finish.

What financial planning software do you use?

We use XPLAN exclusively.

Wen can I expect my SoA to be completed?

We deliver within 5 to 7 business days.

Do you need a Deposit?

No. You will be invoiced on completion. The invoice is payable within 14 days.

Do you use your own strategy text?

No we don’t. We will only use your compliance-approved strategy text for all advice documents.

How do I get started?

Request a Call Back below and let’s discuss your needs. We have a simple 3-step on-boarding process. 

Great Financial Advisers outsource paraplanning to us

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