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An outsourced paraplanning company

Eloquent Paraplanning is an outsourced paraplanning company which offers a mix of support services that focus on helping Financial Planners provide more advice to more people.

Founded in 2012 by Donna Klajman, they believe building a financial planning business should be an enjoyable and profitable experience for you.

Because when you have the right systems and people in place, you create efficiency and produce more capacity in the process.

Your practice is growing but you’re not ready to hire

When you’re busy, your first impulse is to hire a new staff member.

However, employing a new person is challenging because of overhead costs like wages, superannuation, leave loadings, equipment, office space, and training.

So, you do it all yourself

For most, this usually means jumping from client service work to financial planning work (in between client meetings). You’re jumping from one task to the next, in the hope that it all somehow works out…

If that’s true, then you’re on the track to burnout!

There’s a better way

Our simple 3-step on boarding system is designed to help you get started within 24 hours – integrating with your current business processes without the stress, hassle and confusion that usually goes with hiring new staff.

There’s no need to figure anything out because all the hard work has been done for you.


Founded & run by Donna Klajman

When Donna started in the finance industry in 2000, she never thought she’d end up staying so long.

She worked her way from administration to advice, and then started her own financial services business.

Now, she’s been in financial planning more than half of her adult life!

Her work has always involved writing; from contributing articles to an industry journal to creating her own marketing material for her business and of course, writing Statements of Advice.

Over the last 8 years, the business had grown into a small but elite team of professional paraplanners, ready to serve you.

They continue to invest in technology allowing the company to deliver a premium service, on schedule, consistently.

With no association or affiliation with other institutions, the business remains an independent financial services company.

When she’s not writing about herself in the third person, you’ll find Donna around the courts perfecting her inside-out forehand, or finding the perfect nature shot on her Nikon, or indulging in a cup of the dark stuff.

An Amazing Team

Eloquent wouldn’t be what it is today without the awesome work of the hand-picked team of professional paraplanners. It’s a 100% remote team based throughout Australia.

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