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About our Paraplanning Service

Our Mission

We’re a group of Outsourced Paraplanners with one mission: To help Financial Planners provide more advice to more people.

A simple 3-step onboarding process will set you up with your own dedicated Paraplanner within 24 hours. 

And because our system integrates with your current business processes,  there’s no stress, hassle, or confusion.

So, there’s no need to figure anything out because we’ve done all the hard work for you.

About Us

Your job is to provide financial planning advice. Our job is to help you put together that document for your Clients… using XPLAN software. Okay, and strategy research and projections. And, well, everything in the paraplanning compliance toolkit. 

Founded by Donna Klajman in 2012

I’ve worked in the Financial Planning industry for 22 years and was a former Financial Planner. I wrote my own SoAs when I first started. Big mistake. That must’ve set me back a good five hours each day for every SoA I wrote myself. Now I know that outsourced paraplanning is awesome, and outsourced paraplanners are the best-kept secret in the financial planning world.

I built the business from the ground up, starting out as a one-person operation. Over the last 10 years, the business has grown into a small but elite team of professional outsourced paraplanners, ready to serve you. 

We continue to invest in technology which enables us to deliver a premium service, on schedule, consistently.


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