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Statement of Advice and Data Entry

Statement of Advice Service

We provide a Statement of Advice Service for growing and established Financial Planning businesses Australia-wide.

Regulatory Guide 175 states your obligations with regards to providing Statements of Advice. So, our outsourced paraplanning service was designed based on this framework. And in order to help you meet your obligation, we’ll conduct the research, run the financial modelling and prepare the Statement of Advice; allowing you to focus on your clients and growing your business. 

You know that preparing SoAs for clients is a mammoth task for any Financial Planner. 

So, unless you can navigate you way using XPLAN and since advice documents are vital to your business, you’ll need an effective way to manage the SoA production.

So, partner with us and let us help you with research, projections, and preparing your Statements of Advice so you can free up to 5 hours of your day.

outsourced paraplanning
outsourced paraplanning

Data Entry Service

Outsourced paraplanning is more than just creating Statements of Advice.

Because inefficient and outdated methods of data entry can lead to mistakes and errors, we’ve designed this service for you.

And accurate data entry is the foundation of efficient and successful data management.

So, if you want to minimise time spent on administration and more time spent with your clients, leave the data entry to us.

If you have any questions, please call us today for a free 30-minute consultation. We’re happy to help.

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