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If you need help with your SoAs, then our outsourced paraplanner service is here for you

Strategy Papers

Long-range financial Modeling

Clients come to you for guidance on how to improve their financial well-being because they want to better their lives. So, one way to demonstrate your value is to show them the numbers.

Because advice backed by research and financial modeling is an effective way to prove and support your recommendations.

Strategy Research and Gap Analysis

While the cash flow analysis may reveal gaps between your clients’ goals versus the reality of their financial situation, a gap analysis will identify the potential strategies that will meet their goals.

Giving your clients the information and options will allow them to make an informed choice. So, you’ll be able to design a solution that matches their needs.

Statements of Advice

Simple and clear strategies

SoAs don’t have to be necessarily long and complex. Simpler SoAs with clear strategies always work better with clients.

Personalised and focused

Too much generic information and irrelevant information confuses clients. They should be able to understand how the recommendations will put them in a better position. We ensure our SoAs has a simple structure that appropriately addresses the needs of the clients.

XPLAN Data Entry

save time and Money

Accurate data entry is the foundation of efficient and successful data management. So, it’s important that you can find an effective way to manage your data entry. Outsource your data entry and achieve significant cost savings and get your time back.

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